Rooftop Cupolas


We were tasked with specifying and implementing a long term solution to protect the ferric metal structure on these cupolas. The solution was designed to follow SSPC specifications.

What we did!


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Painting the Mansard Roof

Why did it look so bad? The existing coating on the roof of this building had become heavily chalked and faded. This happened partly because of the dark green color, partly because it receives full exposure to the elements, and partly because the coating had aged.     What was required to make it look…

Sky High Lobby

A leaking roof creates the need for repairs that required unique equipment. The leaks in the skylight and the roof of the main lobby had damaged the drywall and left water stains on the soffits in several locations. We were tasked with making the drywall repairs and repainting the repaired areas. The access was the…

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